Social media Growth
Short videos have become the main trend in social media, enabling organic growth for your profile on platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and even LinkedIn.
€200 per month
During my consultation, I aid in formulating a comprehensive strategy, Optimizing Video Content for SEO, enabling you to establish a distinct brand identity and high-quality content on social media.

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BASIC Growth
€990 per month
I create 15 short videos for all platforms. I post them three times a week.
Here are two options:
  1. Conducting an interview with you once a month.
  2. Creating videos and photos of your services.
  3. Creating video with your Digital Clone
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Fast Growth
€3000 per month
It is not a secret that social media prioritizes accounts that post daily.

I provide a flat rate for daily posting, whether using an AI avatar, traditional filming, faceless videos, or character-based videos.
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Social Media Marketing

The results I deliver are solely attributed to the engaging content I create, without any financial investment, paid advertising or collaborations.
Reach 951,408 views in Instagram Reels
Reach 43.600 followers in TikTok
15.630 views in 28 days for YouTube channel with 223 followers
25.000 accounts reach for Instagram account with only 528 followers
2 viral videos for more than 1M views in 1 week in TikTok
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