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Services and Prices
Social media Growth
Short videos have become the primary trend in social media; I can help you grow your profile organically with engaging videos on platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and LinkedIn
€200 per consultation (2 hours)
You can choose any of these consultations:
1) Social media strategy. Result: Developing a content plan for the upcoming month
2) Video Shooting: We can film up to 12 videos during the consultation
3) Video Editing. I can teach you how to prepare your videos for posting
4) Scripting: write down scripts for your social media
€990 per month
I help you to create 12 short videos (15-60 sec) for all platforms. It is enough to post three times a week (interview quality).

Including three consultations:
1)strategy/ scripting
2)video shooting
3) video editing and uploading videos for posting within a month
AI clone
From €2900 per month
We create your digital clone, and you no longer need to waste time on social media.

I will create 15 videos in a month without filming you; I will analyse which videos are going viral in your niche and make a script, filming with AI for you

This is the most innovative way how to manage your social management
New approach for your marketing team
If you have a marketing team and want to bring marketing to the next level - ask me how
Consultation for team
€100 per hour
If you already have a marketing team or agency and want to improve your conversion rate, website, marketing strategy, or social media,
OR you want to launch a new product or expand on new markets.

I can provide consultations to find growth points in your business.
Weekly mentoring
Social Media
€2500 per month
I will develop and implement a new social media strategy with your team for your business.
We monitor results and bring improvements to your strategy every week.
I teach your team how to improve their work, and in 1 month you have your old team with a new approach and new strategy
Full Marketing & Sales strategy
from €8000 per month
I analyse your marketing and sales system, find growth points and provide a solution for your business.
We connect the marketing and sales in 1 system that consistently generates revenue.
Web site + Lead Generation + Conversion rate optimisation + Sales Growth + Social media Growth
Consulting for small businesses/startups
My business and marketing background helps me to understand your business' needs and find best solution
We determine what level of marketing your business is at today and then develop a strategy for your business to grow.
We will choose the format that is suitable for your business needs.
We can meet weekly or monthly, or maybe you need just one small piece of advice, and it would be enough to meet only once
Lead Generation Facebook
I will help you to launch your Facebook Ads Campaign + teach you how to manage it in future.
This is enough for 80% of small businesses to get clients to their business.
After this service, you don't need to spend money for an agency or specialist in-house.

Normally it takes 7-15 days for launching
Idea Check for StartUps
from €6000
If you want to launch your product, but you are not sure that this product is interesting for the audience, we can simply check the idea by launching an ads campaign with five different ideas for your business.
It could significantly increase your chances of rise investment if you have numbers and proof that there are people, who are interested in your product
Web development
I offer web development with no code.
1) High conversion rate
2) Fast development
3) Easy to manage
We will build your website on Tilda. Platform - 120 euro/year, Hosting - 3-100 euro/year
Cup-of-coffee Website
If you are ready to come to me with files, including all the texts, pictures, and colours you want to see on your website, we can create the website landing page in 4 hours with a cup of coffee.
Landing page
Landing page - simple website -
1 page ready for advertising

Launching page - 1 week
High Conversion Rate Website
€3000 - 15000
Website up to 30 pages with a
conversion rate of 1-8%

Launching website 1-3 months
Don't hesitate to contact me
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